Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ornamentals at White Rock Visitor Center, New Mexico

I love it when ornamental grasses are used, and I was happy to see that the White Rock Visitor Center in White Rock, New Mexico had been decorated with some very nice specimens when I visited there in September 2019.

During the summer months, the visitor center hosts the shuttle to Bandelier National Monument, and so you have a lot of visitors passing through its grounds.

In addition to Calamagrostis, the center had planted some towering 2-3 meter tall grasses (Saccharum ravennae) with purple inflorescence, and reddish colored stems. Most of the planted individuals were relatively new, as a quick look at Google Street View from 2016 showed that only one Saccharum ravennae specimen was present at that time.

*Thanks to Scott Weber on the Planet Ornamentals Facebook group for the ID of Saccharum ravennae.

Saccharum ravennae

Saccharum ravennae

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