Wednesday, July 29, 2020

One Year Anniversary!

Ornamentals at Lake Louise, Baanf National Park, Canada
I just realized I went right through the anniversary of this site without knowing it,

About a year ago I decided to chronicle the encounters I've had with this most important of plant families, and it's been a doozy of a journey indeed. From the burning hot sands of Great Dunes National Park and White Sand National Monument, to the forested gloom of Shenandoah and many other places in between, grasses have become a major part of my travels.

I've learned so much, and I've had great help in identifying some of the species I've encountered, mostly from those groups in facebook that I frequent.

I hope people who read this have learned as well, and have like me, grown even more appreciative of the myriad ways grasses have impacted and continue to influence our lives.

Sporobolus airoides at White Sands National Monument

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