Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Curious Critter #2: Sporobolus discosporus

Sporobolus discosporus (c) Richard Gill

This amazing looking grass is from Africa, where it was first recorded in 1841. The author of the image notes that it is a tiny species, around 5 cm across, and is found normally growing in very shallow soil on rock sheets. Mr. Johan Volstruis Combrink also notes that the species is part of the ecological process in the Bankenveld Grassland of the Witbank Nature Reserve in South Africa.

This little jewel looks almost like some aloe, and not a grass, and it would be really fantastic to see this in the wild. However, google searches show almost nothing about this species, especially ecological data, which again emphasizes the fact that there are so many fascinating species out there that we know next to nothing about.

Sporobolus discosporus (c) Richard Gill

Unfortunately, more and more plants are landing in the threatened bucket, and once these species are lost, then there is nothing to bring them back again. Let's hope that this jewel of a grass is not one of those species that is lost forever, even before we manage to read its story.

Click here for the species description from grassbase.

Click here for local distribution data.

Sporobolus discosporus (c) Richard Gill

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